Breaking Bad//Season 5//Episode 9//Blood Money

Written by Peter Gould
Directed by Bryan Cranston
Originally aired August 11, 2013


In theory and in practice, “Blood Money,” the first in the final run of Breaking Bad episodes, stands in direct confrontation to Walter White’s oft-referenced mantra “the past is the past.” The episode picks up where “Live Free or Die” left off with the scruffy and fully armed Walter White exploring the ruins of his family home. The White house, the once ominously dark quarters of the first half of season five, have now reached their bleakest and most horrifically surreal. The mirrors turn humans into monsters and the walls bleed saturated colors that spell out the name of a figure known by reputation alone: Heisenberg. Walt is here on a mission: to retrieve the vial of Ricin that has remained undisturbed behind the wall socket in his former bedroom. Between this poison, which has been an ongoing source of tension this season, and the army grade machine-gun in his trunk, it is crystal clear that schemes of Mr. White are far from over.

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