Seeking: Part-Time Ghosts

For Harriet…


I saw the ad while drinking my tea on Thursday morning. For the past several weeks I had been experiencing sleeplessness, an irritable stomach and general unease. As a result I decided to amend my diet to exclude coffee as I thought it might be the source of my perpetual discomfort. If you were to ask me how I was handling the transition I might deploy the ageless aphorism that “the cure is worse than the disease.” The worst thing about making the switch was not knowing which kind of tea to drink. Green tea left a dry, soapy residue in the crevices between my teeth that hung around for hours. Assam was fine but flavorless without milk and sugar. Per recommendation by a former roommate, I once made the mistake of buying lapsang souchong, which smells like what a tree’s gym socks might smell like if trees in fact had feet and used those feet to play squash every Monday with Barry from the corporate office. Continue reading