Silicon Valley//Season 1//Articles of Incorporation

Written by Matteo Borghese & Rob Turbovsky
Directed by Tricia Brock
Originally aired April 20, 2014


One of the underlying ironies surrounding technological progress is the rounding up of all questionable endeavors of the past to being worthwhile so long as something good eventually comes of them. Of course, “good” is a very malleable idea especially when it comes to internet-based technologies. Is it “good” that 12 year olds have smart phones so that they can entertain themselves while their parents get some much needed alone time? Is it “good” that GPS systems allow drivers to efficiently navigate their way to the grocery store down the street? In the midst of an episode rife with hilarious and pointed insight, one character points out how “nobody jerks off to magazines anymore.” The long-suffering poster child for selfish indulgence, masturbation is to sex what social networking is to actually being social. What further complicates this analogy is the analog components of solo sexual fantasy fulfillment (a phrase I think I heard Erlich mutter during his vision quest) have been usurped by the further isolating and anonymity-inducing digital world. Is it then “good” that pornography is so much more accessible than it ever was before? Does a vintage Playboy gain or lose value when the person sitting next to you on the morning commute is, in all likelihood, privately accessing Youporn on their tablet? Is this what progress looks like? Continuing its tradition of lampooning the tech industry while simultaneously providing a sympathetic portrait of the plight of the common startup, Silicon Valley manages to call into question the value of so-called progress without ever taking a regressive stance. Continue reading