Libby’s First Mixtape//God’s time of the month

Libby’s First Mixtape is an ongoing series of music mixes I make for my younger sister. Her name is Libby. Listen along via Spotify using the playlist at the bottom of the post. Enjoy.


Last week I went on a binge. I’ve spent the last month or so in a kind of limbo, staying with co-workers and now my girlfriend, temporarily jobless, ostensibly homeless, slowly making my way back to Northern Michigan for the summer. Despite the circumstance, I’ve mostly been able to treat this time as vacation, offsetting vague feelings of anxiety with bursts of self-motivated productivity. But I’d been out of touch with music for nearly four weeks and I needed to do something about that. So I spent hours reading reviews, listening to new tracks and putting together a daunting collection of music to dig into this summer. Before heading boldly off into this promising future, I felt the need to tie up some loose ends. So here’s a mix of tracks, some of them from last year, that I gave to my sister over two months ago. I hope the quality of these twelve independently excellent tracks more than makes up for this mix’s lack of timeliness. Continue reading