Libby’s First Mixtape//mexican train & other non-sequitur boardgames//October 2013

Libby’s First Mixtape is an ongoing series of music mixes I make for my younger sister. Her name is Libby. The genesis of the series dates back to roughly 2005. Since then I’ve been putting these mixes together on a 4-6 week basis, give or take. Listen along via Spotify through the link at the bottom of the post.


So it’s been a while. For the most part, this new mix is a collection of tracks I had on repeat this past summer and has been in my sister’s possession for a little while. I wanted to throw them up here because I regularly return to this mix. Though these tracks range in tone and message they each uniquely possess a kind of hazy, engorged quality. Alternatingly exuberant, longing, fun and fresh these songs collectively feel like summer. They range from the revelatory to the Top 40 and all the way back. Continue reading